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Opening Eyes

I know what it’s like.

To crave.

To feel deprived.

To devour each piece of good in your life immediately because you don’t know when you’ll get it next.

To “Taste the Rainbow” because the rest of your life seems lacking in sunshine.

No, I get it. Memories.

Bowl of salad

The Power of Poverty

37 cents.

I had been working 70-hour weeks and that’s all I had to my name.

I had credit cards for emergencies only, and emergencies came. I would scrap and scrape to pay them down and would have nothing left to live on – so back I went into plastic chains.

It never seemed to be enough. I wasn’t good at my job because I was stressed all the time because I wasn’t getting paid enough to live because I wasn’t good at my job. And I didn’t know how to break out.

There have been many times in my life when I felt hopeless. And this should have been one of them.

Chickpea salad

The Dark Side of Healthy Recipes

“Easy Healthy Taco Salad w/ Ground Turkey”

“Garlicky Baked Zucchini”

“Blackened Salmon with Lemon Zest”

When someone is trying to learn how to eat healthy, these are some of the first items they will see under the search bar. Many of the titles can get your mouth watering just reading them. The fact that there are literally thousands of recipes online that taste great and are great for you is a beautiful gift for which we should all be grateful.

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