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"Police line do not cross" tape

False Arrest Ends In Death At Local Fast Food Establishment

A sad outcome to a young man’s cry for help this morning on the 500 block of Brock Asp Drive. 27-year-old Damion Jones, a cashier …

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Person measuring his waistline

You Are Fat

The Fight Against Lipid-Identity And Why It’s Important You are fat. At least, that’s what you are told. If you are being honest, that is …

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Sliced kiwi

Health Food Is Terrible For You

Plus 5 Ways To Save Money While Eating Healthy Have you ever heard healthy food is too expensive? Have you ever caught yourself thinking it? …

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Quiche on cutting board with green and white background

5 Stages of the Junk Food Battle (and how to win)

You may have heard of the five stages of grief ↓ Denial – Anger – Depression – Bargaining – Acceptance  When we get hit with …

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Blueberry pancakes

Health And Hope/lessness

(a message to the fitness industry – the good ones) There are blind spots in the beautiful world of health and fitness – particularly in …

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They Can’t Take It

“They can’t take it if I don’t got it.” That’s what poverty sounds like.  It’s a voice that lives in the moment because this present …

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Baked salmon

Against The Liars

You complicate to profit.

You measure down to the ounce and require 50 different ingredients every week so that the stressed-out hustler can’t make heads or tails out of why – so they just do what you say.

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