You complicate to profit.

You measure down to the ounce and require 50 different ingredients every week so that the stressed-out hustler can’t make heads or tails out of why – so they just do what you say.

You photo-shop before and after pictures and pay for testimonials so you can convince some poor soul that wearing an extra layer…I’m sorry…your SPECIAL extra layer around their midsection is going to burn just their belly fat away.

You concoct smoothie diets with expensive ingredients that your marketing degree qualifies you to suggest and swear to people that the trip to the toilet every fifteen minutes is because they are “detoxing” and it has nothing to do with the fact they are ingesting five times their normal fiber intake.

You take advantage. You profit, which is fine. But you profit off of lies, which is evil. 

The people who buy from you are desperate for answers. They spent money they didn’t have because they want just one thing in their life to start being in their control. And you lied to them, took their money, and left them dazed and confused. You’re a robber of the worst kind – allowed in because they trusted you. 

Shame on you. 

Do you have no empathy? Have you ever been poor? Let me fill you in. 

She has been taught that she has little or no control of her life for as long as she can remember. She fights hard to survive. She puts her head down and grinds it out day after day in hopes that one day she’ll get a lucky break. But she can’t seem to catch a break. She juggles bills like a circus performer despite working two jobs. Her kids are crying because they do that and she’s already stressed to the max so she pulls through a drive-thru for the third time in a week because she is desperate for a moment of silence. She gets herself something because she’s hungry too and she realizes, as she sets the cardboard box on the 30 pounds she gained in the last two years, that she really needs to stop. But she doesn’t know how. She doesn’t have time to figure it out. And she doesn’t have money to pay someone to do it for her. Then an advertisement hits of a smiling model presenting a body-wrap, cream, and smoothie package that promises to knock 20 pounds off in a month. She can’t afford it. But nothing else is going right. Nothing else seems to be in her control. Maybe, if she sacrifices and buys it, it will give her the jumpstart she needs to finally gain some momentum. Maybe, if she can lose this weight and feel a bit better about herself, she’ll be confident enough to take on that new project or ask for that promotion. She just needs something to break. And for 4 payments of $99, she can have it. So she buys it. It comes in the mail. She tries it. It gives her great results for all of two days (more likely due to the hormone regulating effects of hope). Then it stops working. And she’s out $400. And she didn’t have that money. So now she’s still overweight. Her job is still terrible. Her confidence is still through the floor. She blames herself. Her kids are still crying. The drive-thru is still calling but this time she really can’t go through it because mommy thought she could do something for herself for once. And she’s eaten up by guilt because it didn’t work. Thank goodness for Cheerios. She at least has that at home.

Yeah. That’s your customer. And you’ve been playing the role of a devil. 

“Entrepreneurs” like you have been taking advantage of the poor and desperate for thousands of years. It’s nothing new. I’m just ashamed you work in my industry. I’m ashamed that, in an industry that has the potential to radically transform lives, there are thousands of charlatans like you making millions by lying to them. 

I hope, one day, you have a change of heart. I hope you figure out a way to give back to the communities you have robbed at their lowest points. But while you’re thinking about being a good person, there are thousands of other fitness professionals that actually care and we have a lot of damage to heal.

There are ways to transform the body that cost nothing. There are ways to eat food that helps you that costs less than eating the food that hurts you. There are ways to prepare for the week that take less time than any drive-thru. 

Instead of taking the power from their hands, we are going to teach them about the power they still have – and help them grow it. 

The age of “magic routines,” “miracle pills,” and “fat-melting clothing” is over. They are starting to see through your tricks. And for those who aren’t, we’re on a mission to show them how. 

Real strategies. Real time. Real food. Real results. Because we serve real people with real problems and only real solutions are acceptable. If you’re offering anything else, stop. 

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