My Story

 I grew up poor. Money was always a stressor. We almost never made enough to make all the ends meet and often had to choose which important bill could be paid and which couldn’t. In that time, we were used to hearing “we can’t.” 

After years of trial and error, countless pages of research, and sheer will to make something different of my life, I got out. I got licensed as a certified personal trainer, fitness nutrition specialist, and behavior change specialist. I used these tools to show my clients the way out. I learned how to transform my health, improve my body, and eat like a king all week, on less money than fast food and in less time than a drive-thru.

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Empower Yourself

For the cost of a greasy burger, overcooked fries, and a sugar-packed drink, you can have the process that will change how you view your power, your view of food, and ultimately, your view of yourself – especially in the mirror.

Meal Prepping Strategy

Get a FREE sample meal prepping strategy which will allow you to prepare your power meals for the week in less than a single hour even if you have never cooked a meal in your life.


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E-Book (Coming Soon!)

You will be taken on a step-by-step process in 

1) identifying the power you never knew you had, 
2) shutting down the things which are draining your power, 
3) creating a nutrition strategy specific to you and your life, 
4) and executing on that strategy.

Get a Free Meal Prep today!

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